The Right Way

"The right way is the one where we end up together...And to do that, we need to survive this."

A brilliant, obsessive mind is the heart of Sebastian Seaver’s genius. It might also be the thing that costs him everything he’s created and everyone he’s ever loved. Consumed with the need to destroy Alexei Stornovich, the Russian mob boss who murdered his fiancée and parents, nothing can turn Bas from his plans of revenge until he’s eradicated every last one of them. By any means necessary, and at any cost.

Drew McMann learned early that the key to success is control. Control carried him through law school and helped him keep Seaver Tech together through tragedy. It helped him survive the brutal murder of his sister Amy, his parents’ divorce, and the revelation that the seeds of their destruction had been planted by someone he had considered family. It’s how he’s hidden his love from his best friend Bas for more than half their lives. And now it’s how he’s going save Bas from himself and finally get his family of friends free from Alexei’s clutches. Drew has a plan for everything… Until the kiss.

When Drew loses control one reckless, drunken evening and his true feelings for Bas are revealed, he tries desperately to contain the damage and keep their friendship on track, even as decades of lies and half-truths seek to tear them apart. With Alexei targeting them and their friends, Drew and Bas are forced to rely on each other more than ever. But as danger closes in on them, can they sacrifice their needs for logic and control, and recognize that the only right way to move forward is the one in which they’re together?