The Castle

One night in Vegas I gave him my heart…

one day later, he broke it.
Look, I’ve never claimed to be a nice guy. I don’t do pretty words, I don’t give polite smiles, and I refuse to be sucked into the sappy bucket of sentimentality that is Christmas in small-town O’Leary. Smiling neighbors, overly decorated trees, a town parade, a Santa contest? Ho ho no. I do shifts as a firefighter, and I go home alone.

I fell into the trap once — that stupid night in Vegas — of believing there was more out there for me. I took a chance on a guy with magical green eyes and a gorgeous smile. The next day, Liam McKnight was gone. He took my heart with him… and left his wedding ring behind.

Except now my once-upon-a-time husband has reappeared with a kid in tow, and there are carols, lights, and cookies everywhere I turn. And worst of all? The spark between us burns brighter than ever, because whatever happened in Vegas definitely didn’t stay there. Liam came to town looking for an ending, but what’s building between us feels an awful lot like a beginning. Too bad it’s going to take more than a dozen interfering O’Learians to convince me to take a second chance on heartache, on love… on us.

Note: While The Night is very much Liam and Gideon's story, characters from past books do make an appearance, and you'll enjoy the book exponentially more if this isn't your first trip to O'Leary.